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Pellet Applicator Testing

The National Sprayer Testing Scheme (NSTS) conducts annual inspections of agricultural and horticultral sprayers in the UK. Our engineer, qualified to the National Proficientcy Test Council Level 3 Certificate in Sprayer Examining, will conduct the test

NTST Benefits

  • Requirement of SUD – Testing by 26th November 2016 and then every 6 years thereafter
  • Crop assurance protocols may require more frequent testing
  • Promotes best practice to have your machine tested for each product applied
  • Confirms width of spread to avoid contamination of watercourses
  • Pellet manufacturers can supply dummy product to use during the test
  • Easily conducted on farm

Copyright 2018 – Sprayer Spares Ltd

Copyright 2018 – Sprayer Spares Ltd

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